Washington Basic Health

Washington Basic Health

Washington Basic Health offers residents in the state of Washington the option of receiving health insurance through private health plans. In order to receive a low-cost health insurance plan, you must not receive or qualify to receive Medicare.

Who qualifies? If you are a Washington state resident age, not qualified for Medicare, you can apply to receive health insurance coverage. There are income guidelines which candidates must meet in order to apply. When applying, you will be asked for a twelve month history of your income and expenses. Be prepared to apply by having the necessary information readily available.

How do I apply? To apply for Washington state basic health, visit: www.basichealth.hca.wa.gov/ or by calling 1.800.660.9840. You will need to provide your name and address (required) and social security number and phone number (optional). One designated person per household may apply and will be contacted once approved.

How long does it take before I receive coverage? Currently there is a waiting list for all candidates upon receipt of application. However, foster parents and personal care workers may bypass the waiting list. Other groups such as tribal sponsored accounts, health coverage tax credits and certain Washington National Guard and Reserve members may also qualify to bypass the waiting list. The complete list of details is available on the Web site. New applicants will be reviewed in order in which received.  If you cannot receive health insurance coverage through this program, healthinsurancesort.com is a great site where you can compare Washington health insurance quotes, and find affordable coverage that fits your needs.

What type of coverage is available? Washington health insurance benefits are similar for all approved members. However, monthly premiums, prescription coverage, preventive coverage, and providers may vary from plan to plan. There is a $150 annual deductible, and the maximum out-of-pocket pay remains low at $1,500. Some services will require a co-pay of no more than 20%, but preventive care services will not require a co-payment.

Your individual coverage will depend on how many people are in your household, the specific plan you choose, and both your age and income. You can choose a plan that best fits the needs of you and your family by first reviewing a list of doctors to determine if they are covered in the plan you are looking to pursue.

If you are already using Washington basic and have any questions about your plan or your coverage, you can always go online for more information or call the customer service number at 1.800.842.7712. The Web site also features the option to send an email or chat online and a qualified representative will be prepared to assist you.